Doctor Looking Through Contoura Surgical Equipment

Contoura Vision

The Eye Guys are proud to be the FIRST & ONLY practice in the CSRA to offer patients the benefits of Contoura Vision LASIK, a next-generation LASIK procedure that can help take your vision BEYOND glasses & contacts…and possibly even BEYOND 20/20.

Developed by ALCON, Contoura Vision takes the already proven results of LASIK to the NEXT LEVEL. Contoura Vision is a topography-guided method of LASIK that integrates an imaging device called a Topolyzer to map the unique topography of the surface of your cornea sampling approximately 22,000 points. Contoura Vision uses this information to smooth out any irregularities on your cornea.

Contoura Vision is truly the NEXT GENERATION LASIK procedure with the capability of providing a quality of vision not attainable with either prescription glasses or contact lenses. It is also not ideal for every patient, so a comprehensive LASIK evaluation is recommended for everyone considering Contoura Vision. Schedule your LASIK evaluation here.

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