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Corneal Cross-Linking

Corneal cross-linking (CXL) is a minimally invasive procedure for treating keratoconus. Keratoconus is a condition that occurs when the cornea begins to bulge outwards, affecting the ability to see clearly.

Riboflavin (vitamin B2) is applied to the cornea during corneal cross-linking. After being applied to the cornea as a special solution, the cornea is exposed to ultraviolet light.

Riboflavin helps strengthen the cornea by creating new crosslinks between collagen fibers. Collagen helps build and strengthen the cornea, which keeps it from bulging out more. 

The collagen crosslinks also prevent vision from becoming more distorted. Corneal cross-linking makes the cornea more stable and improves visual function in patients with keratoconus. Using corneal cross-linking can help stop the progression of keratoconus but cannot reverse its effects.

OPD-Scan III & EPIC Refractive System


The Eye Guys are proud to be Augusta’s first practice to offer the OPD-Scan III and EPIC Refractive System by Nidek represented by Marco. This remarkable wavefront device and digital refraction uses the most advanced technologies available to help us better evaluate your unique vision needs. It gives us the ability to measure and diagnose your vision much more thoroughly than has ever been possible before.

EPIC Refractive System

Using information from the OPD-Scan III, we can make recommendations to help you see more clearly based on a truly complete exam. In fact, the wavefront system and digital refraction makes the entire exam procedure faster and more comfortable for you.

Although this high level of technology is not available in every practitioner’s office, we feel an obligation to offer the best available care to our patients. Our job is to make your vision as close to perfect as we can and the OPD-Scan III and EPIC Refractive System help us do the job.

Introducing the Centurion Vision System for Advanced Cataract Surgery

Centurion Vision System

The Eye Guys of Augusta, Georgia have taken cataract surgery to the next level with the new Centurion Vision System. The Centurion system is the newest and most advanced technology available in ultrasound cataract removal systems.

The new cataract phacoemulsification system will benefit patients with added safety, improved comfort, and rapid vision correction. We are both excited and proud to offer this state-of-the-art technology to our patients.


Pentacam Corneal Topographer

Pentacam Corneal Topographer

The physicians at Eye Physicians and Surgeons of Augusta can now perform ultra-precise topographical analysis of the cornea, the watch crystal of the eye. While corneal topography has been around for 18 years, the Pentacam corneal topographer is an incredible advancement of this technology, allowing improved diagnosis and treatment of corneal disease. Anyone who is interested in LASIK or other types of corneal refractive surgery should have Pentacam analysis to determine if they are acceptable candidates for surgery.

OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography): Glaucoma and Retina


The new OCT incorporates optical coherence tomography technology to provide comprehensive high resolution imaging of the eye. The cross sectional imaging allows for state of the art management of glaucoma and retinal disease. The OCT provides serial analysis reports that demonstrate any change in a patient’s glaucoma or retinal disease. By employing the latest technology at Eye Physicians and Surgeons, we can determine if a patient’s glaucoma has changed to help prevent loss of vision.

IOL Master

IOL Master

Before you have cataract surgery, measurements are taken inside your eye to help our surgeons calculate the power of the artificial replacement lens that goes inside your eye in place of your aging cataract lens. The IOL Master is the gold standard of measuring your eye for your new lens. It is a non-contact optical device that measures the distance from the corneal vertex to the retinal pigment epithelium (front of your eye to the back of your eye) by partial coherence interferometry. The IOL Master is the first such device to be widely used in clinical ophthalmology and remains the IOL diagnostic measurement of choice for leading cataract surgeons.



ORA is an acronym that stands for OptiWave Refractive Analysis that is an intra-operative diagnostic that allows the surgeons of The Eye Guys to measure refine and affirm your cataract surgery outcomes…during your actual procedure. Making these ‘real-time’ measurements and adjustments during your surgical procedure enhances our outcomes and reduces potential post-operative complications. The ORA is attached directly to our microscopes to give us the on-demand measurements our surgeons need to ensure proper lens placement and treatment zones for Astigmatism correction.



The LenSx is a Femtosecond laser used today to provide cataract patients a higher level of safety, precision and accuracy. Here at The Eye Guys, our LenSx laser is also giving patients more improved outcomes when compared to traditional cataract surgery. This all-laser, blade-free method of cataract surgery offers our surgeons a more reproducible technique to replace the least predictable and most technically demanding steps for surgeons during a cataract procedure. Our LenSx laser cataract surgery is computer-controlled for unprecedented accuracy and gives our patients an even greater peace of mind in terms of safety and accuracy.



Similar to an IOL Master, the LenStar is another advanced non-contact diagnostic that uses optical principles (laser interferometry) to measure axial length, measuring distance from the corneal apex to the retinal RPE (from the front of your eye to the back). In addition to axial length, it also measures corneal thickness, anterior chamber depth, lens thickness, radii of curvature of flat and steep meridian, axis of flat meridian, white to white distance, and pupil diameter. In layman’s terms, the LenStar is simply a device that gives our surgeons a comprehensive measurement of the visual system – including the curvature of the cornea (outer surface of the eye) to help us ensure the best possible cataract outcomes.



The Eye Guys are pleased to be among the first centers in the South to offer patients the benefits of this advanced treatment for relief from one of the most common eye conditions in Georgia: Dry Eye Syndrome. If you are experiencing eye dryness, irritation, light sensitivity, vision fluctuations, contact lens intolerance or eye fatigue, you probably have Dry Eye Syndrome and could be an ideal candidate for LipiFlow®. Here is how it works: 1. LipiFlow uses a disposable eye piece to apply controlled heat to the inner eyelids and intermittent gentle pressure to the outer eyelid. 2. LipiFlow facilitates the release of lipids from the blocked Meibomian glands allowing the natural flow of lipids to resume. 3. LipiFlow is an in-office procedure that takes approximately 20 minutes. Both eyes can be treated simultaneously.


Contoura Vision Logo

Contoura Vision LASIK at The Eye Guys is the first major advancement in laser vision correction in more than a decade. It takes the already proven results of conventional LASIK to the next level. Contoura is a topography-guided method of LASIK that uses an advanced Topolyzer to map 22,000 unique topography points of the surface of your cornea. Contoura uses this information to direct our Ex 500 Wavelight Excimer laser to smooth any irregularities on the surface of your cornea.  A comprehensive LASIK evaluation at The Eye Guys can determine if Contoura can take your vision BEYOND glasses, BEYOND contacts and BEYOND 20/20.