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Advanced Cataract Care

When it comes to cataract surgery and lens implantation, our goal is to help you make a more informed decision on which cataract options are best suited for your needs. Your lifestyle and the role your eyes play in the activities you enjoy most will play an important role in helping us customize a cataract surgery plan that is tailor made to fit your needs. Please be sure to ask one of our surgeons or staff members about your cataract options or for additional information if necessary.

Most patients don’t realize that cataract development can begin as early as age 40. By the time we’re 50, some of us already have measurable deficiencies in our vision due to cataracts.

Cataracts are simply a natural part of the aging process that is taking place inside your eye. It’s a gradual clouding of the normally clear natural lens of the eye. Although barely noticeable in its early stages, over time, this clouding process makes your vision less sharp, reducing your contrast and making activities like night driving and reading more difficult.

Fortunately, modern-day cataract removal and lens implantation is one of the safest, most common – AND MOST SUCCESSFUL – surgical procedures performed today.

In the past, cataract patients were forced to wear reading glasses and/or bifocals after their procedure. Today, our new lens implants are designed to reduce – and in some cases – eliminate your dependence on corrective eye wear after cataract surgery.

Laser Cataract Surgery

New Laser Technology Takes Cataract Surgery To The Next Level

At Eye Physicians and Surgeons of Augusta – The Eye Guys – exciting breakthroughs in cataract laser technology and lens implant design are allowing our surgeons to take cataract surgery to the Next Level. Thanks to recent advancements in laser technology, our pioneering surgeons recently became the first practice in the greater Augusta area to offer patients the benefits of Laser Cataract Surgery.

According to eye surgeon, Bradley Bertram, M.D., “Laser Cataract Surgery is truly a leap in medical technology and one of the most significant breakthroughs in cataract care in the past decade. My partners and I are extremely proud to be the first surgeons in the region to offer the unsurpassed safety, precision and accuracy of Laser Cataract Surgery to people across the greater Augusta are.”

“The LenSx Laser System allows us to take a very proven and successful medical procedure and make it even better by adding a new level of precision and predictability that is simply not possible with traditional manual cataract surgery,” said eye surgeon, Bruce Brown, MD. “It is also helping us take advanced cataract surgery from an art form to truly a digital science.”

PanOptix – The Cataract Surgery “Game-Changer”

The advances in cataract care at The Eye Guys in both Aiken & Augusta continue with the breakthrough PanOptix ‘Tri-Focal’ cataract lens. Having a trifocal lens implantan industry first and a recent addition to our cataract surgical options here at The Eye Guys – allows our cataract patients to now enjoy high-quality vision at all distances after cataract surgery. 

This advanced trifocal Intraocular Lens Implant (IOL) was designed to allow patients to reduce or eliminate their dependence on prescription glasses (including reading glasses) for viewing objects at near, intermediate and distance. 

Now patients having a Panoptix lens implanted will have the potential to see text messages on their mobile phone, read restaurant menus, work on their computers and enjoy hobbies like golf and biking with little or no dependence on corrective eyewear. Because of the multi-focal benefits of our new Panoptix trifocal IOL, it is not only helping patients restore their vision…it is helping them renew their active lifestyles.

The new PanOptix® IOL is the first trifocal lens of its kind available for patients undergoing cataract surgery. Its unique design helps focus images clearly onto the back of your eye (retina) to allow for clear vision at near, intermediate and distance vision following cataract surgery.

The entire cataract surgery team at The Eye Guys are calling the PanOptix IOL a “game-changer” in our industry. On top of restoring your vision, the lens can even make it better following cataract surgery. This new trifocal PanOptix lens brings us one step closer in our efforts to reverse the age-related decline in vision resulting in dependence on reading glasses, bifocals, and the eventual development of cataracts.”

Breakthroughs in Cataract Lens Implants

Our multi-focal lens implants give you the opportunity to experience the very latest advances in cataract care and technology. They are designed to a broader, less restricted range of vision for NEAR, INTERMEDIATE and DISTANCE.  During the first 12 months following your procedure, we will do everything in our ability to help you achieve VISUAL FREEDOM from all prescription eyewear, including LASIK laser vision correction if necessary.

Our multi-focal Panoptix lens implants are specially designed with features to improve both your range of vision & your quality of vision. It is a landmark advance not only in cataract lens implant technology, but also in the quality of visual outcome for our patients, especially those with presbyopia.

– The Eye Guys Surgeons

The Vivity Cataract Lens Implant

Providing Patients A Continuous Range of High Quality Vision.

For An Extended Depth of Focus

The Vivity is the first ‘Extended-Depth-of-Focus’ IOL with non-diffractive X-WAVE™
technology. This remarkable technology offers patients a more seamless range of vision
without splitting light into different sectors of the lens. This allows the Vivity lens to
deliver the same high quality of vision and contrast of a monofocal – or single focus –
IOL, but with the added benefit of excellent intermediate (at arm’s length) and functional
near vision (up close).

Vivity Also Treats Astigmatism

The Vivity IOL is also available in ‘Toric’ designs for patients with Astigmatism. The
family of Vivity lenses are ideal for patients who are interested in restoring their visual
performance at all times – in all conditions – and improving their lifestyle. Most patients
report a low incidence of severe or very bothersome glare and halos at night.

Multifocal Lens vs Monofocal Lens

A cataract is a clouding of the natural lens inside your eye. This lens, located behind the iris, works just like the lens of a camera – focusing light images on the retina, which sends images to the brain. The lens can become so clouded that it keeps light and images from reaching the retina.

A cataract can be the reason sharp images become blurred, bright colors become dull, or seeing at night is more difficult. It may also be the reason glasses no longer seem to help. Vision with cataracts has been described as seeing through old, cloudy film. But a cataract is not a “film” over the eyes, but simply the aging of the body’s natural lens. Eye injury, certain diseases, or even some medications can also cause a cataract. A cataract is treated by removing the old cloudy lens and replacing it with a new artificial lens to restore your vision. This lens is called an Intraocular Lens Implant (IOL).

Once it is determined that you have cataracts and that they must be removed, there are several options for the type of lens implant that is used to restore your vision. Until recently, cataract patients received monofocal lens implants that only had a single power. With a monovision implant, you have a choice of correction for either near or far vision, but not both. The FDA has now approved multifocal lens implants for use by certified ophthalmologists. The multifocal lens can increase your chances for a life free of dependence on glasses or contacts after cataract surgery. Cataract surgery is an opportunity to minimize or eliminate the hassle of glasses and contacts from your life. The implantation process is the same for either type of lens. The main point of differentiation between the lens implants is the type of vision they provide.

Your cataract procedure will most likely be performed in the comfort, safety and convenience of our outpatient surgery center dedicated entirely to eye surgery. By having your cataract procedure performed in our dedicated ASC, you’re not only enjoying personal savings when compared to hospital-based cataract surgery, but you’re also helping reduce costs for Medicare and the insurance industry.

A surgical counselor will go over the benefits and costs of these lenses with you and help you make a final decision about your vision.

At The Eye Guys, these exciting breakthroughs in cataract removal and lens implantation are allowing cataract patients to enjoy the vision of their youth. With the ability to ‘upgrade’ your vision for a nominal fee, it is now possible to improve  your near vision, intermediate vision and distance vision with little or no dependence on prescription glasses after surgery.

Surgeons at The Eye Guys have been specializing in cataract removal and lens implantation for decades. There’s never been a better time for cataract patients than right now. The Eye Guys now has the capability to give patients a better quality of vision – and a broader range of vision – than ever before. This makes it a very exciting time for cataract patients and for cataract surgeons as well.”

Introducing the Centurion Vision System for Advanced Cataract Surgery

Centurion Vision System

The Eye Guys of Augusta, Georgia have taken cataract surgery to the next level with the new Centurion Vision System. The Centurion system is the newest and most advanced technology available in ultrasound cataract removal systems. The new cataract phacoemulsification system will benefit patients with added safety, improved comfort, and rapid vision correction. We are both excited and proud to offer this state-of-the-art technology to our patients.

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