Our Doctors Performing Laser Cataract Surgery

Laser Cataract Surgery

New Laser Technology Takes Cataract Surgery To The Next Level

At Eye Physicians and Surgeons of Augusta – The Eye Guys – exciting breakthroughs in cataract laser technology and lens implant design are allowing our surgeons to take cataract surgery to the Next Level. Thanks to recent advancements in laser technology, our pioneering surgeons recently became the first practice in the greater Augusta area to offer patients the benefits of Laser Cataract Surgery.

According to eye surgeon, Bradley Bertram, M.D., “Laser Cataract Surgery is truly a leap in medical technology and one of the most significant breakthroughs in cataract care in the past decade. My partners and I are extremely proud to be the first surgeons in the region to offer the unsurpassed safety, precision and accuracy of Laser Cataract Surgery to people across the greater Augusta are.”

“The LenSx Laser System allows us to take a very proven and successful medical procedure and make it even better by adding a new level of precision and predictability that is simply not possible with traditional manual cataract surgery,” said eye surgeon, Bruce Brown, MD. “It is also helping us take advanced cataract surgery from an art form to truly a digital science.”


In the business world, technology drives innovation. In the world of cataract care, the same has held true since surgeons first began performing cataract surgery.  During the past two decades, cataract surgery technology has evolved tremendously, but no recent innovation in technology has had the effect on both patients and surgeons alike as we’ve seen in the introduction of LenSx Cataract Laser.

“Although traditional cataract surgery continues to produce excellent results for our patients, the LenSx laser simply brings a new level of precision, accuracy and safety to the cataract procedure,” said Dr. Herbert Fechter. “Until now, the major steps of cataract surgery were performed using hand-held manual techniques,” he said, adding that the The Eye Guys are able to offer our patients the latest technology using a femtosecond laser.

The LenSx laser is used for cataract surgery patients who choose astigmatism-correcting cataract surgery or surgery with a premium lens (ReSTOR, Tecnis Multifocal or the Crytalens). A bladeless, computer-controlled laser surgery is planned and performed to exacting individualized specification not attainable with other traditional surgical methods.

Computer-Guided Control For Added Safety

The LenSx laser used at The Eye Physicians and Surgeons of Augusta – The Eye Guys – provides our patients with computer-controlled precision for their cataract surgery. It automates some of the most challenging steps of refractive cataract surgery. This femtosecond laser replaces the traditional hand-held blade to optimize all incisions for enhanced, reproducible surgical results.

When performing traditional cataract surgery, the surgeon makes incisions and removes the cataract using surgical instruments and blades. However, during laser cataract surgery, several of the most critical steps of the surgical process are performed using an image-guided femtosecond laser. The Eye Guys are proud to bring this revolutionary technology to Augusta for the greater good of our cataract patients.

We believe in providing our patients with the latest technology for vision correction and are now using the latest evolution of femtosecond laser technology in cataract surgery.

LenSx Laser Cataract Surgery

One of the first LenSx Lasers designed for improving the safety, precision, accuracy and outcomes of cataract surgery was installed at The Eye Guys in Augusta. This breakthrough laser technology is helping our surgeons set new standards in cataract care and is helping reduce any fear or anxiety patients may have regarding cataract surgery.

The new cataract phacoemulsification system will benefit patients with added safety, improved comfort, and rapid vision correction. We are both excited and proud to offer this state-of-the-art technology to our patients.

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