For As Little As $5 A Day...

Save up to $1,100 on LASIK at The Eye Guys

It’s the perfect LASIK combination: World-class surgeons, world-class technology, world-class results…all for as little as $5 day. At the Eye Guys, we know that making LASIK more affordable is one of our patients’ biggest desires. That’s why we’ve arranged special financing that allows you to pick your payment plan.

We offer 0% financing for up to two full years. We also offer low-monthly payment plans that fit almost any budget. When you combine our Spring LASIK savings up to $1,100, we’re making our world-class Allegretto LASIK and Contoura Vision LASIK procedures more affordable than ever.

Start your LASIK journey by scheduling a friendly, free consultation with a member of our LASIK concierge team. LASIK will not only IMPROVE the way you see…it will ENHANCE the way you live. Come see for yourself.

Save up to $1,100 on LASIK

Being able to see clearly is essential when exploring new places, trying new activities, or simply taking in the beauty of the world around you. If you're tired of the limitations and hassle of glasses and contacts, LASIK could be the perfect solution for your travel needs. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover the endless benefits of traveling with LASIK.

Thank you! Our LASIK counselor will be in touch. Please reach out to with any questions. Congrats on starting your LASIK journey!

20/20 Without Glasses?

The latest research confirms that wearing glasses for a lifetime is MUCH more costly than correcting vision through a Laser Vision Correction procedure. Clinical studies also show LASIK is actually safer than long-term contact lensware.

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