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As with all medical procedures, individual results may vary.

$200 Advanced Ocular Analysis  - Yours Free in September -

Before falling head-over-heels in LOVE with LASIK at The Eye Guys in September, let’s first find out if you two are a perfect match. It starts with the most comprehensive diagnostic evaluation of your eyes that you’ve ever seen or experienced. It’s called an ‘Advanced Ocular Analysis’ and these breakthrough diagnostics measure thousands of points on your cornea (outermost layer of your eyes) and your entire ocular system.

These measurements are then linked into our laser computer system to determine two things: 

1) If you are an ideal candidate for LASIK.

2) If your vision can be corrected BEYOND 20/20

With our Fall LASIK Event, our $200 ‘Advanced Ocular Analysis’ is yours absolutely FREE. All you have to do is fill out the form on this page…or call our LASIK center at 706-651-EYES…or text the word LASIK to 797979. Our world-class surgeons and eye care professionals will take it from there.